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Domestic Violence & Threats:

A term called “shadow pandemic”, is because of an increase in sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of women is taking place in the middle of lockdowns and global health crises due to societal turmoil.

Figures say so, the evidence is mounting day by day. In Nigeria, there is more than 130 percent of reported cases of domestic violence related to lockdowns. Looking at Croatia, the reported rapes raised by 228 percent during the first five months of 2020 in comparison to 2019.

For all the women out there, no place is safer than their own homes. As the world is remembering the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Thus, it has become clearer that the pandemic has made this violence worse.

Any form of abuse is fundamentally wrong and a huge violation of basic human rights. The new IMF staff research states how the violence against women and girls is a considerable threat to economic development in a region where the widespread violence occurred domestically- sub-Saharan Africa.

Hence, the result of our study suggests an increase in violence against women by 1 percentage point is associated with a 9 percent lover economic activity.


Society In Drain:

There is a multi-dimensional occurrence due to violence against women and girls on the overall health of an economy in both the short term and long-term.

Looking in the short term, women with abusive homes are likely to be less productive and usually work for fewer hours. Whereas, in the long run, a decrease in the women’s workforce would occur in accordance with a high level of domestic violence. Also causing a reduction in women’s acquisition of skills and education which results in less public investment.

According to the studies between 1 and 2 percent of GDP has fallen due to domestic violence. Therefore, these studies often use simple accounting mechanisms and hence do not account for potential reverse causality. It is because there aren’t enough victim service providers to reciprocate the individuals.

Looking at the US Agency for International Development’s Demographic and Health Survey collected from the 1980s till the present. The questions asked in the survey were specifically about the mistreatment of women.

Hence, the survey results in more than 30% of women in the region had experienced some form of domestic abuse. And still, there are no accurate facts and results regarding the trauma and recovery women go through of these results.

The study shows a higher level of violence against women and girls is related to lower economic activity which directs a huge drop in female employment. Women often experience emotional and psychological imbalance due to the violence.

Hence, the government shall act the prevent services on such drastic results. In efforts to build back better, there need to be developed policies in support of women and to combat gender-based violence.

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