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Local women’s shelters play a crucial role in our communities by providing a safe haven for women facing adversity. To ensure these shelters can continue their invaluable work, it’s essential to understand what they desperately need. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 12 things your local women’s shelter urgently requires. By becoming aware of these necessities, you can contribute to their mission of providing support and safety to those in need.

12 Things Your Local Women’s Shelter Desperately Needs

If you want to help your local women’s shelter, here are 12 things that they desperately need:

Emergency Housing: Providing a Safe Haven

A Safe and Comfortable Environment: Women who seek refuge at local shelters often arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs. It’s crucial to provide them with a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. This means ensuring there are sufficient beds, bedding, and maintaining high sanitary standards.

Emergency Shelter Expansion: To meet the growing demand for emergency housing, shelters often need expansion and renovation. Community support and fundraising efforts can go a long way in making these improvements a reality.

Food and Nutrition: Nourishing Body and Soul

Steady Food Supply: Beyond the immediate need for shelter, women’s shelters also require a steady supply of non-perishable food items. Donations of canned goods, dry foods, and hygiene products can make a significant difference in ensuring residents have enough to eat.

Nutrition and Well-being: Promoting good nutrition is essential for the physical and emotional well-being of shelter residents. Consider organizing nutrition-focused programs or partnerships with local food banks to ensure balanced meals.

Clothing and Toiletries: Restoring Dignity

Dignity Through Clean Clothing: Offering clean clothing and personal care items is essential for restoring dignity to shelter residents. Donations of gently-used clothing, feminine hygiene products, and toiletries are always in demand. Consider organizing clothing drives within the community.

Hygiene Kits: Assembling hygiene kits with essential items like soap, toothpaste, and feminine hygiene products can provide residents with a sense of comfort and dignity.

Security Measures: Ensuring Safety

Investing in Security: Safety is paramount in women’s shelters. Adequate security measures, including locks, surveillance systems, and trained personnel, help ensure the protection of residents. Donations towards security enhancements can make a significant impact.

Counseling and Support Services: Healing and Rebuilding

Emotional Support: Emotional support is critical for women dealing with trauma and difficult situations. Local women’s shelters require trained counselors and support groups to help residents heal and rebuild their lives.

Mental Health Services: Expanding mental health services can be a game-changer for residents. Consider partnerships with mental health professionals or organizations to provide comprehensive support.

Childcare Services: Supporting Mothers

Ensuring Child Safety: Many women in shelters have children. Providing childcare services allows mothers to attend counseling sessions and work towards independence while knowing their children are safe.

Child Development Programs: Offering educational and recreational activities for children can create a supportive and nurturing environment within the shelter.

Transportation Assistance: Freedom of Mobility

Access to Transportation: Access to transportation is vital for residents to attend job interviews, medical appointments, and other essential activities. Donations of bus passes or gas cards can greatly assist in giving them the freedom of mobility.

Rideshare Partnerships: Explore partnerships with rideshare companies to provide residents with safe and convenient transportation options.

Legal Aid: Navigating Complex Issues

Legal Assistance: Women fleeing abusive situations often require legal assistance. Having lawyers or legal aid available at the shelter can help residents navigate complex legal issues, such as restraining orders and custody battles.

Know Your Rights Workshops: Hosting workshops to educate residents about their legal rights can empower them to take control of their situations.

Educational Programs: Empowering Through Knowledge

Skills for the Future: Empowerment through education is a key goal of women’s shelters. Funding educational programs and workshops can provide residents with valuable skills for the future, such as job training and financial literacy.

Career Development Workshops: Collaborate with local businesses to offer career development workshops, resume building, and interview preparation.

Donations and Funding: Sustaining Operations

Financial Support: Financial support is crucial for the day-to-day operations of women’s shelters. Donations and grants help cover the costs of running the shelter and providing support services.

Sustainable Funding Models: Explore sustainable funding models, such as endowments and recurring donation campaigns, to ensure the shelter’s long-term viability.

Volunteers: The Heart of the Shelter

Diverse Volunteer Roles: Volunteers play an essential role in the functioning of women’s shelters. They provide support, companionship, and help with various tasks. Encourage community members to volunteer in various capacities, from mentoring to administrative support.

Training and Recognition: Recognize and train volunteers, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to support shelter residents effectively.

Community Involvement: Making a Collective Impact

Awareness Campaigns: Engaging with the community through awareness campaigns can help dispel myths and reduce the stigma associated with domestic violence. Use social media, workshops, and local events to raise awareness.

Fundraising Events: Organize fundraising events within the community to generate financial support. Events like charity runs, bake sales, or auctions can rally support for the shelter.

Outreach Programs: Extend the shelter’s reach through outreach programs that offer support to those who may not be residing at the shelter but still need assistance.


Local women’s shelters are lifelines for women facing adversity. By understanding the 12 essential things these shelters desperately need, you can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those seeking refuge. Whether through donations, volunteering, or advocacy, your support ensures that these shelters can continue their vital mission of providing safety, support, and hope to women in need.



Lisa Clontz

Author Lisa Clontz

Lisa Clontz is an experienced Executive Director at Shelter Home of Caldwell County, specializing in providing shelter and support services to victims of domestic violence, child support, rape, and sexual assault. With her years of expertise, Lisa passionately assists women and children, helping them access the necessary resources and care they need. Her unwavering commitment to creating a safe environment and empowering survivors has made her an invaluable advocate in the community.

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