At Shelter Home, we prioritize the well-being and protection of those who have experienced abuse or neglect. We provide shelter services to individuals affected by any form of abuse. Whether it’s domestic violence, rape, human trafficking, sexual assault, or any other traumatic experience, our dedicated team of professional support survivors on their healing journey. We empower impacted individuals, recognizing their worth and the right to live a life free from all forms of abuse.

Child Advocacy:

Our Child Advocacy program is designed to support young survivors. We empower them to heal and thrive. At Shelter Home, we believe in the well-being and protection of children impacted by abuse and neglect. We closely work on providing emotional support to young individuals and provide them access to necessary resources. Our team of professionals utilizes age-appropriate techniques to help the children to process their experiences.

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Child Advocacy North Carolina
Rape and sexual assault support

Rape and Sexual Assault:

We provide shelter services to individuals who have encountered sexual assault and rape. At Shelter Home, we create a safe and supportive environment where survivors can heal and move on. Our professional staff offers refuge from the trauma associated with rape and sexual assault. Our shelter services staff provide close support round the clock and are also trained in providing immediate crisis intervention for survivors.

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Court Advocacy:

Court advocacy comes under our shelter services, a dedicated team of professionals providing complete support to survivors of traumatic experiences. Our court advocacy program offers survivors the necessary guidance and support regarding the legal system. Our advocates work closely with the survivors to understand their circumstances and concerns so that they can address their issues legally.

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Domestic Violence:

At our shelter services, we understand the urgent need for support and safety in domestic violence cases. We empower survivors and help them in breaking the chain of abuse. We provide an emergency and confidential shelter to individuals seeking refuge. Healing from trauma demands constant support; our team works round the clock to rebuild the self-esteem and coping mechanisms of the impacted individuals.

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Other Victim Service Providers:

In addition to the other services, we work closely with other victim service providers to ensure the care of individuals in need. Our collaborations and networking allow us to expand our reach and provide support to a greater audience. We aim to create a network of support that addresses the needs of survivors on a mass level.

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Support Groups and Classes:

The support groups and classes at the shelter services encourage a supportive community and provide valuable resources for individuals who have experienced trauma. The support group offers confidential spaces for individuals to connect with others who have experienced the same abuse. Our team of professionals includes therapists, counsellors, legal advocates and other specialists who share their knowledge on relevant topics.

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Human Trafficking:

At Shelter Home, we provide shelter services to survivors of human trafficking. The individuals can seek refuge from the trafficker in a safe environment. We understand that human trafficking-impacted individuals have immediate and pressing needs, and our trained staff works 24/7 to comfort the survivors.

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Join us in our fight to end Domestic Violence

Every dollar of your tax-deductible gift goes to serve domestic violence victims and their children. Your contribution will provide operating expenses to help get survivors to safety and once safe, provide them with comprehensive programs and services.