Our mission at The Shelter of Caldwell County is to help mothers and their children put the pieces of their lives back together. We work to empower clients for success. Our Child advocacy service providers work with mothers and children to help promote the safety and well-being of children and meet the needs of each family.

Protecting children is everyone’s job. Sadly, 80% of families impacted by domestic violence have children in the home. This atmosphere often leads to children becoming depressed, feeling powerless, helpless, and blaming themselves.

The effects of domestic violence on children are far-reaching. Statistics show a decline in academic performance, school attendance, and social interaction. SHCC is committed to providing support, training, education, and resources to protect children and help break the cycle of family violence.

four ways you can help a child todayChild Abuse Prevention Training


  • Individual child intakes
  • Individual child assessments
  • Referrals for counseling
  • Parenting Support Groups
  • Support groups for children exposed to domestic violence
  • Work with mothers and children on individualized child impact plans
  • Peer-to-peer counseling for mothers and children
  • Work with schools in Caldwell County
  • Bullying prevention/information
kids club