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Abuse Victims PTSD:

Abuse victims PTSD is a common disorder found in survivors who feel that their lives are in danger during the abuse or assault. Their “fight or flight” retaliation kicks in, but when dominated, they can not do either. They may detach their minds from their body until it is over. When it is a feasible option, victims should do what they can their best to escape their abusers. However, this is not the case in all situations. Abusers repeatedly go to extremes to stop the victim from leaving. Leaving an abuser is the most dangerous and critical time for a victim of domestic violence.

A victim’s reasons for staying with their abusers are exceptionally complex. In most the cases the victims are so afraid that the abuser will follow them, or the abuser will hurt or kill them, they will hurt or kill the kids, or they will win custody of the children, or they will harm or kill pets or others, they will ruin their victim financially that they can not pluck up the courage to escape from the abuser. Domestic abuse victims know that their abuser can go to the extent which they will go to make sure they have and can maintain control over them.

The fear that the abuser’s actions will become more violent and may become lethal if the victim attempts to leave, unsupportive friends and family, knowledge of the difficulties of single parenting, reduced financial circumstances, lack of knowledge of or access to safety and support, fear of losing custody of any children if they leave or divorce their abuser or fear the abuser will hurt, or even kill, their children are some additional barriers to escaping domestic abuse.


Usually, victims of domestic abuse don’t know that is domestic violence a felony or not. According to law domestic violence can be charged with a felony only if there is an incident that caused an injury or involved a deadly weapon or a child victim. Usually, it is charged as a misdemeanor.

Abuse is not only domestic abuse or sexual abuse. It can also be in the form of verbal abuse too. Verbal abuse is an interaction in which a person is abused by the words of another such as insults, verbal threats, and name-calling or it can be unconcealed or subtle and difficult to recognize. It is important to note that verbal abuse can also happen unintentionally, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be any help for verbal abuse victims. The first and most important step to take when someone is being verbally abused is to name it out loud. This should be done directly with the person if it is safe to do so or if that person is not in power over them.

Abuse in any form or circumstance can harm an individual. Even after the abuse has stopped, victims can still experience discomfort. Abuse survivors have a higher risk of mental health concerns such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, etc. If anyone is suffering from any of these issues a specialized therapist for abuse victims should be appointed instantly. They will provide trauma-informed therapeutic intercession services to promote healing and increase safety for any form of abuse victims.

Lisa Clontz

Author Lisa Clontz

Lisa Clontz is an experienced Executive Director at Shelter Home of Caldwell County, specializing in providing shelter and support services to victims of domestic violence, child support, rape, and sexual assault. With her years of expertise, Lisa passionately assists women and children, helping them access the necessary resources and care they need. Her unwavering commitment to creating a safe environment and empowering survivors has made her an invaluable advocate in the community.

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