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Signs Of Domestic Violence & Psychology:

Broken bones, bruised, and assault marks are the obvious signs of domestic violence. However, just as physical injuries demand care and attention, and time to recover, it is vital that the psychological and emotional wounds also get addressed. For many people, there are few things that invoke a pleasing sense of warmth, stability, comfort, and safety than going home.  A home is a safe place for many, a place where they cannot be harmed, or a place away from all worries but for domestic violence victims, it is no more than anything but a refuge.

Domestic violence is the deliberate physical abuse, intimidation, battery, sexual assault, or use of other threatening behavior toward the victim. Other less obvious forms of violent behavior include stalking, attempts to control the health of an intimate partner, or threatening gestures and showing aggression like isolating and keeping their partners hostage.

Domestic abusers are no more than normal human beings with undiagnosed mental problems. They usually prey on those who are weaker than them. Abusers get acquainted with their prey and slowly gain their trust. After that, they start abusing them but become victims themselves to make victims give them the benefit of doubt. Usually, physical abuse is not what comes first. The abuse can creep up steadily.

A putdown here or there or an odd excuse to keep victims away from family or friends or away from their loved ones. Sensing if someone is a domestic abuser can be difficult at times, but one big sign of an abuser is that they try to rush the relationship. They often get attached to the relationship very quickly and rush through the getting-to-know phases of dating so that victims can know little about their past or family.

They might also try to isolate the victim. They tend to be emotional blackmailers they may discourage victims from being with family and friends or may even initiate fights with them, causing them to avoid both.


Many people don’t know how to prove domestic violence. They get intimidated by the investigation and the interaction with authorities. Proving domestic abuse can be challenging. Victims may feel vulnerable, alone, and can’t see a way out.

The initial step could be gathering as much evidence as possible. There are several options for filing a claim for domestic violence. Depending on the evidence in the case, one option may be better than another. It is best to consult an attorney who could guide the victim better according to their circumstances.

Juries are more likely to trust objective facts than the testimony of people who might lie. This means that a victim should try to present as much physical evidence as possible to try to secure a conviction. Some examples of physical evidence that might be presented in a domestic violence case include photographs of any injuries, medical reports, damaged or destroyed property, etc.

In many cases, the responding police officers are key witnesses. They may be asked to testify about what they noticed, which includes injuries, property damage, and the behavior of both parties.

The scars of domestic violence and abuse run very deep. The trauma of what they have been through can stay with them long. Victims may struggle with upsetting emotions, terrifying memories, or a sense of constant danger or they may feel numb and unable to trust other people. But counseling and therapy can help them process what they have been through.

Lisa Clontz

Author Lisa Clontz

Lisa Clontz is an experienced Executive Director at Shelter Home of Caldwell County, specializing in providing shelter and support services to victims of domestic violence, child support, rape, and sexual assault. With her years of expertise, Lisa passionately assists women and children, helping them access the necessary resources and care they need. Her unwavering commitment to creating a safe environment and empowering survivors has made her an invaluable advocate in the community.

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